G-ON G-SYNCLOUD 2CH FHD Smart Dash Cam. 60 FPS, H.265 HEVC & Real HDR

New Arrival


2CH FHD Smart Dash Cam. H.265 Video codec (HEVC), compression rate is up to 2 times higher than H.264. it means that users can use 256GB SD card as 512GB SD card & 60 FPS video recording & Real HDR technology.

60 FPS shows smoother images by showing 6 still images per 0.1 second than 30 FPS which used to display 3 still images per 0.1 second. Perfect recognition of the license plate and clear video recording with natural color.

SYNCLOUD: "G-Syncloud" for fleet management system by our own technology Unlimited storage capacity beyond the limitation of dash camera storage.