Lukas K-900 QD 2CH Dash Camera (32GB)

FineDashcam Lukas


Genuine built-in Dash Camera
Front QHD + Rear FHD 30fps for Both Front and Rear, 3.5" IPS Vertically Aligned Dual Touchscreen LCD, ADAS 3.0 with Utmost Accuracy, WDR & Night Vision Crystal clear footage both day and night, LDWS, FCWS, FCMD, Built-in Wi-Fi, Dual-Band GPS, Support Second Monitor, Supports Seat Vibrator (Vibrates upon activation of FCWS & LDWS), Built-in OBD-II Module (Provides Driving Information - Optional), 200 Million Driving -Related Data saves Driving Information, Hidden-Wire Designof Lukas K-900 QD keeps the cable out of eyesight to ensure hassle-free installation and helps maintain your car interior as clean and genuine