What people are saying about FineVu Dash Cam Products:

"I just purchased this for my FineVu CR-500HD but its great for the professional camcorder as well...nice to get a well made product that exceeds expectations for a change..great build quality..love it." 

- J Calder (FineVu CR-500HD)

"In a nut shell this it’s the best dash camera in the market so far. Expensive for sure but the pic quality is so good. Keep in mind the HD 1080p thing exists in some other cameras too but this is the only one that delivers it at 30fps. Meaning better pictures at day or night. I owned briefly the other model from the same company FineVu PRO Full-HD 1080p but it delivers 1080 at I believe 15 fps if I am not mistaken. Trust me there is a big difference"

– Dr. Hani T. Almashhadi (FineVu CR-500HD)

"I've been using a Lukas LK-7900 in my front window for a few months. So far it is holding up well in the  Phoenix AZ summer heat. After almost getting rear ended twice in one day on the freeway, I bought another cam for the back window. hope to never need it, but will be handy if bad things happen. I've watched numerous Russian car dash cam video's. I swear some of those divers are in Phoenix now.

Update - Jan 2014. Two Lukas LK-7900 cameras made it through the Phoenix AZ summer without a problem. One 64GB memory card got friend, but the two 32GB card that came with the cameras are still working fine. At times the cameras too hot to touch. Amazing they not only survived but worked without hitch. I have found two solved. I now turn off the cameras using their slide power switch when I park for the weekend. I have permanently wired both cameras into the car's electrical panel. I also like the accurate time displayed. Time comes from GPS signal which is referenced to an atomic clock"  

- Jim From Phoeniz AZ, USA (Lukas LK-7900 ACE)            .”

“I bought this camera after encountering couple idots on the road who were looking to create an accident. Also, saw a bunch of clips on youtube about accidents in Russia. This device will help provide objective picture for some complicated situations on the road. Might even help another person who got into accident in front of me. Video quality is amazing in daylight and quite good at night. The camera is small (good for inconspicuous mounting) and very light. I liked the long power cable which allowed me to install the camera in my Odyssey without any visible hanging wires -- it looks very professional. I've put 32Gb (max allowed size) in it and it should be able to hold 2-3 days worth of recordings. Afterwards the oldest clip gets overwritten with latest. The camera records .avi files with 3 minute recordings. I recommend disabling shock sensor for driving mode or you'll end up with a lot of false "Event" recordings after hitting pretty much any bump. "Event" recordings stay on the card and don't get auto-erased and this will lead to eventually full SD card. With disabled shock sensor this won't be an issue.”

– Mark Twan (FineVu CR-500HD)

 "This is a great little dash cam that is very simple to use. It comes with a 16GB micro SD card that can hold a decent amount of 1080p footage before having to overwrite data. The memory card has separate folders for "normal" footage and "event" footage (e.g. an accident) to prevent video of accidents from being overwritten with the normal footage. However, even changed to it's lowest sensitivity level setting, this camera's shock sensor is WAY too sensitive. It will go off when rolling over speed bumps (even the smooth ones), sloping curbs, etc. It got so annoying, I simply turned off this feature altogether. The camera can also be switched to "parking mode" which will record video if motion or impact is detected. I even use this as a security camera at the small office I work at, since where I park the wide angle lens views the front parking lot, cul-de-sac, and neighboring business. The camera will not drain your vehicle's battery, as it will shut off before your vehicle battery drops below a certain voltage. The video quality is superb--fine enough to easily read license plate numbers and street signs. So far I've used this in the rain, sun, and at night, all with excellent results. The camera comes with a micro SD to SD adapter for use with any standard SD card reader. Thankfully, the videos are in a standard .avi format for easy viewing. The files are in chunks of a couple minutes each and clearly named with the date and time. It couldn't be easier to get to the footage you need! I was disappointed that the camera only came with a mount requiring double-sided tape to attach to your windshield. I wish they had included a high-suction mount like portable GPS units use. It would be nice to be able to move the mounting point with ease not possible with a more permanent tape mount. They do include 5 clips (also with double-sided tape) for cable management, which is really nice. I was able to route the wires well enough that this camera looks professionally installed with no slack wire visible. And they give you PLENTY of length on the 12V adapter cable used to power the unit.

– Gmusik

“Crystal clear image, audio capture is very good, small enough to hide behind your rear view mirror so it's not obvious it's even installed to even myself or passengers. It automatically starts recording when car is turned on and no skips in video.”

– SanDiegoDrive

“Hooked the system up to my 2010 Camaro. Love the clarity and HD. I would recommend this camera to anyone. Easy install. Like the long power cord. Was able to route it across the windshield, down the side column, under the dash, along the console and to my power supply in the console glove box. No wires show at all.”

–  Jim Warden

“I've been using this camera for several months now and it works great - not a single hiccup. I did order the polarizing filter(39.99) since I have a light colored dash that was reflected on the window. As long as you don't have your radio loud the microphone will pick up the clicking of your turn signal, so if someone claims you didn't have your turn signal on then you can let them listen to the audio. When the vehicle is moving it's hard to read license plates until you come to a stop, and then it's crystal clear. I don't think this camera has enough frames per second to see fast motion in that detail. But it does have a wide view. I've mounted it under the rear-view mirror and it shows the entire front window from side to side without much distortion. One thing I'm worried about is the heat. This unit heats up a bit and I'm wondering how it will do in Texas in the summer. It does have a quick release trigger, so I can detach it and put it in the center console when I park. All in all this is a high quality dash cam.

- M. Howell “Michael”

“FineVu PRO Full-HD 1080p Car Black Box Video In-Dash CAM w/SONY Exmor CMOS Sensor(Electronics) - I chose this camera over its big brother the CR-500HD because it was about $100.00 cheaper and I liked the smaller darker form factor with less lights. It dose 1080p recording at 15fps instead of 30fps but 15fps looks just fine to me. Besides you can go down to 900p or lower at 30fps. There are plenty of youtube comparisons if you want to compare the two. I wired this into my c-class Mercedes pretty easily using the uninterrupted power cord for battery protection device and so far everything is working perfectly. My primary reason for buying this camera was the motion activated recording when my car is parked. My car has been hit in parking lots and next time it happens I'll have it on tape!"

–  UcMike

"I've had this in my car for almost three months now. I was pleased with how simple it was to install and set up. The power cord had plenty of length to run from behind the rear-view mirror across the top of the windshield, down the passenger side, then across and under the glove box to a 12-volt power socket at the bottom of my center console. I did some short test drives after first installing the camera to get the aim set correctly. After that, I just pop the camera in and out of the clip on the bracket, and leave the bracket attached to the windshield. I leave the camera attached when the car is parked in my garage, but I remove the camera and take it in my briefcase when I park my car at work because we have an uncovered surface lot, and I don't want the camera to get too hot.

In terms of the video quality, I found it to be quite good both in daylight and at night. Note that I purchased and use the optional polarized filter to minimize the reflection from the dashboard into the windshield.

My daily commute is just over 100 miles round-trip. At the highest quality video setting, the SD card stores about 1 1/2 commute trips, i.e. about three hours of video. I usually re-format the storage every week or two by plugging the camera into my Windows PC with the included USB cable, following the advice of the manufacturer to avoid excessive fragmentation on the SD card as files are overwritten.

Also, I have disabled the "event" sensing as others have suggested in their reviews. I, too, found that it was not very useful. The camera was always beeping at the slightest bump no matter which sensitivity setting I selected. I also disabled the sound capture since I figured I don't need to record my phone conversations, radio or audio books.

–  G. Hutson

“I have waited some time before submitting a review for this. I had the Blackvue and it burned up. This was my replacement black box. I am extremely pleased with this. An added bonus for me is the ability to swivel the camera. I thought I was going to need a screen to orient this, but just getting it pointed in the general direction catches everything in front of you. The software could use some work, but most of the others do also. I elected to not get the gps unit, but may get it later. I am sort of missing it. I also like the buttons on the bak. It allows me to snap a picture periodically.”

– Jeremy Williams

“I have had this for about a month and it has not had one problem. I purchased the GPS to attach to it so I could get location and speed information also. and it works perfectly also. I can turn the camera on and off with the GPS unit so there is no need to unplug it. Another advantage is that it will go into a suspended mode when the vehicle is not moving to save the car battery, but if the vehicle is hit or bumped the camera will come on to record what happened. The video is HD and it has great night vision"

– sfchopkins

“This is my first experience owning a dash cam DVR. Apparently, the only people who have dash cams in America are the police. The rest of the world has dash cams of all makes and models and has been selling them for years. Owning a dash cam gives me piece of mind in knowing that if I ever get into a wreck and another person tries to blame me for the wreck, I have video proof of who is at fault. This little insurance policy has the potential of protecting me from insurance fraud and lawsuits filed against me and my family. With that in mind, I would like to give my review.

The camera attaches to the window with a special kind of double sided tape specifically for glass. Once you attach to window, it is on. The tape can be removed, but it is hard. I placed mine just right of my rear view mirror and to the left of my sun shade. I rand the power cord around the window, down the pillar, under my dash, and into the center column. The camera can be used with an always on power supply, but I choose not to use this feature. I only use the camera while I am driving. It has a parking mode and motion detection, but I disabled those two options. The camera speaks commands every time it changes modes. The camera will start recording the second power is turned on. It will beep and say "recording on". When the power is turned off, the camera beeps and will complete the current video recording, save it to the memory card, and then shut down. There are buttons on the back that you can use. The camera can take still pictures, mute audio recording, and save current video as an emergency event. This can all be controlled by the buttons on the back of the camera. When the camera is connected to a Windows PC, the camera beeps and says "USB mode". The camera shows up as a mass storage device with folders for different events. It has three folders called Event, Normal, Photo. Normal video is stored in the normal folder, shock events and emergency events are saved in the Event Folder and still photo's are stored in the Photo folder. All you do is copy and paste videos and photos to your computer. It is that easy. The camera has three G sensors that detect excessive amount of G-forces. If it detects any excessive G-force it thinks you have been in a wreck and will save video 5 seconds before and 35 seconds after the event, in total 40seconds of video. The camera saves video in AVI format so you would need a player that plays that format. Finevu offers a media player for the camera, but you have to download it from their web site. The camera has the settings software on the memory card so you can change the settings. All you do is click on the .EXE and install onto your Windows PC. After installation, you can change all sorts of settings. The camera can even format a new micro SDHC card if you decide to use a different card that you purchased separately. I am impressed so far by the camera. It is still too early to really give it good thumbs up. Finevu did a good job making a fine DVR black box. If they ever come out with newer products, I would buy from them again. Just keep selling on Amazon, and I will keep giving you my money. I do have a suggestion. If and when Finevu makes a new DVR black box, can you please include WIFI along with an IOS app? It would be very cool to be able to use my iPhone to record, watch, play back, change settings, and add multiple cameras?? It would be really cool to be able to control and view from multiple cameras. I could install a second camera in the back to record drivers behind me. If you added this to your next DVR black box, I would be first in-line to spend my money. "

– Jesse Miller