COSTEC DR.ALKASTONE Mineral Alkaline Water Ionizer Bottle - [Black | Brown | Green]



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Features of Mineral Hydrogen Water

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 Increasing the rate of hexagonal water as cluster activation Molecular structure of the water will be densified by mineral ion reactions. it helps your health because of the increase in body absorption. 

Mineral catalyst & Active hydrogen are plentiful Natural circulation reaction (resonance) by natural mineral: It changes general drinking water which is good on body.

Increase of the antioxidant capacity and elevated alkali will enhance revivifying power When you cut an apple, the color of surface chnages soon. this phenomenon happens when the surface contacts with the air oxidation.

The revivifying is the opposite of this concept. It will not be oxidized easily because the negative(-) value is higher and the revivifying power is stronger. In other word, antioxidant active(SOD) of the revivifying water will be increased by minus(-) ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).

* ORP of deep water is (-)600mV and ORP of tap water is (+)500mV. ORP of Mineral hyfrogen water is (-)150 - (-)300mV

Active oxygen(O3-) can be changed to water(H2O)

Active oxygen is not good for our health. Mineral Hydrogen water can be chnaged to oxygen of water combined with active oxygen in body.

* Conversion of water by pure natural ore [Mg+2H2o - <Mg(OH)2 + H2 / H2 + o3- ->H2O]

Good for relieving hangovers

Minerals in Hydrogen water acts for relieving hangovers by changing aldehyde to less toxic substance.