FineVu New CR-2000 OMEGA 2CH Full HD 32GB Video Car Dash Cam Recorder - With GPS

FineVu USA Co.


FineVu New Full HD 32GB Car Dash Cam Built-in GPS & LDWS

CR-2000 OMEGA 32GB with GPS + UPC + Cigarette Jack Cord (Full Package)

  • FREE Extra Cigarette Jack Cord (with hot wire device) is also included.
  • Full HD 30fps both for the front/rear LCD 2 channels 
  • Applied SONY CMOS SENSOR both for the front/rear 2 channels
  • Separate brightness setting both for the front/rear 2 channels
  • Equipped with ZOOM function for deep imaging - We provide deep imaging and realistic distance through ZOOM effect by supporting Cropping function for image enlargement (900p ZOOM function 96° horizontal angle of view / 720p ZOOM function 77° horizontal angle of view)