LLukas LK-7200 CUTY 8GB – Full HD Dash Cam with GPS, Super Cap, Continuous Power Cable with Low Voltage Cutoff, and *BONUS* Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable

Lukas USA Co.


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1. Eight-Language Voice Guidance: English, Korean, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic. 2. 7 Segment LED Messages. 3. Equipped  with low-voltage cut-off system: Prevents battery discharge in advance by cutting power when battery voltage gets lowered below the pre-set voltage. 4. Perfect Full HD video with 30fps. 5. Use the biggest memory capacity to store memory up to 128GB. 6. Shoots image naturally and accurately just as you see: Lens angles diagonal 125, horizontal 93, vertical 51 degree based on 1080p. 7. Diverse customized recording settings. 8. Simple Memory card format without connecting to PC. 9. Built-in high-performance microphone delivers liveliness. 10. Built-in Super Capacitor