Lukas LK-9370WD Dash Cam 2CH Full HD Wi-Fi 3.5"LCD Dual - With GPS and 16GB or 24GB or 40GB

FineDashcam Lukas


1. Full HD Quality  →  front videos , Full HD (1920 x 1080) @ 30fps & rear videos Full HD (1980 x 1080) @ 24fps. 2. Touch LCD to Check Real-Time Videos → Change settings and view both front & rear videos easily with PIP function on 3.5" Touch LCD screen (480 x 272). 3. Power Cut-off in High Temperatures → Shut down power automatically to protect videos and the system when the temperature of the unit goes up to a certain level. 4. Prevention of Vehicle Battery DischargeCut off power supply to the unit to prevent vehicle battery from being discharged when the current voltage value drops below the preset level. 5. Sony IMX 322 CMOS SensorEnsure cleare video quality at both daytime and nighttime. 6.High-Quality Cable(5M) Enable relable data transfer that prevents data loss or quality degradation of rear videos. 7.Stylish & Premium Design → Compact body in black that blends well into the interior of the vehicle.