Lukas LK-9390 AD (GPS Built-in) ADAS / Night Vision. 2CH Full HD (F/R 1080p SONY IMX322) & 3.5" LCD TS Dash Cam DVR - 16GB/24GB/40GB

FineDashcam Lukas


  • 2CH Driving Recorder / SONY CMOS IMX322 / 1080p Full HD Front + 1080p Full HD Rear / 3.5" Touch LCD Screen
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) / LDWS (Lane Departure Warning Systems) / FCWS (Forward Collision Warning Systems) / FVSA (Front Vehicle Start Alarm) / Lukas Night Vision
  • 40GB (32GB SD + 8GB Micro SD) / Max 1024GB / Up to 512GB SD + 512GB Micro SD / Front/Rear Screen PIP / Multi Language Voice Supprt / Super Capacitor Built-in / Built in 3-axis impact sensor
  • Built in Dual Band GPS (B Type) / Diagonal 135 degree viewing angle (Front) / Diagonal 130 degree viewing angle (Rear)
  • Low Voltage Cut-off Function Built-in : Continuous power and multi-booting support (Cigar Power Cable Optional)
  • The First Lukas Dash Camera with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System.
    The Lukas ADAS Includes the following safety features,
    -FVSA (Front Vehicle Start Alarm)
    -LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
    -FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System